After years designing credit sequences for French TV, Patrick Jean directed his first short film "Pixels", in 2010. Awarded more than 30 times, it has just spawned a Hollywood blockbuster!
But his vocation started during the 80's, when Patrick was already coding his own games on an Amstrad CPC 464 (yes, the one with tapes and 64kb of RAM). Interested in video games, he is accepted at Supinfocom, one of the best animation schools in Europe. After this, he starts working at visual effects companies as a vfx artist and supervisor.
But what he really wants is to create his own films. He starts with the short film "Pixels". In these 2,34 minutes of inventiveness, borrowing to the aesthetics of retro-gaming, Space Invaders, Donkey Kong and Pacman take the Earth by storm and reduce it into a single pixel.
24 hours after its online launch, it is the absolute buzz. American studios call him a few days later to adapt the project as a feature film.
Just a few months later, the movie is signed with Sony Pictures and Patrick starts fleshing out the project. Involved in the production process, he becomes an executive producer, working with Chris Columbus on the adaptation of his short. They decide to keep the same name: PIXELS, starring Adam Sandler, Peter Dinklage, Michelle Monaghan… With a budget of 88 Million and 250 Millions of revenue, the movie is considered a box office success.
Besides the film, Patrick Jean directs commercials for brands like Eurostar, Fendi, Audi, Hermès, and music videos for artists like Boys Noize where the world is covered by keyboard keys, or where being a superhero is the new normal, and being normal the new super.
In most of his films, the digital world interferes with reality, and inanimate creatures start to move; Patrick Jean loves depicting the collision between these two world. A multi-talented individual, he also frequently composes the music of his short films.

***** ANNECY 2011 CRYSTAL *****


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